Welcome to the latest home of
Hello to all, and welcome to my home on the Internet for both personal use
and a little bit of old-fashioned buying, selling, and trading! My personal uses
include attempting to give out some free information on a few of my personal
interests; and the items for sale or trade usually also follow the things I
enjoy. However, sometimes I'll sell or trade general household or just plain
odd items. There's no telling what you might find here!

VERY IMPORTANT: All items intended FOR SALE will be
listed under the "For Sale" link on this home page, and will
include an "asking price." Which may or not be negotiable!

However, as a real "trader" almost anything I own is more or
less "negotiable."
As might be found by my "asking prices" some things
are more "For Sale" than other's. Although, NEVER be afraid to ASK if I will
negotiate on the price of a particular item "at this point in time" OR feel
welcome to make a "reasonable offer" on any item at any time. The worst
that might happen is I may say "no thanks" or make a counter offer!

The personal interests and hobbies include motorcycling, musical
instruments, and a lot of other music or media related things.

By all means, please feel free to browse through my stuff and see if there is
anything that interests you!

I prefer most initial contact through email. However, if you think the situation
is necessary, I have a phone number you are welcome to call. Please be
prepared to give me your phone number in return so I may call you right
back! (This temporary measure is needed until I can get my phone situation
straight!) I can be contacted at (Phone#): 918-760-8639 or by clicking the
"contact us" link to the left!  

Thanks to all, and welcome!

John King