More coming soon!
Just a quick look at the animals we've enjoyed
as family over the years... First the current
lineup by Senority:
Here's Petey (aka Pedro) he's the runt who rules the animal kingdom around here! He does
his trademarked "Ninja cartwheel-claws of death" thing that scares the current dogs into
submission! 15 pounds of razor sharp terror! Until he gets in someone's lap anyways! ;)
Petey's best friends: aka his "minions" are "Trixie" the Border collie, and the killer maniac
clown dog: "Bobo the Hobo" aka "Spooky" The multi breed shocking blue eyed mutt:
For a few years, the younger dogs had a retired matron named "Tater" as an adopted
momma dog. She saved us a lot of training on the younger dogs by teaching them their
duties and peaceful places amongst the other animals. She was in charge of "harmony"
and did an excellent job of keeping the peace amongst all.
In the sequence of pictures above, you can see that "Tater" had a little buddy that was like
a Shadow to her for a few years before Trixie and Spooky. That is "Penny"- so named
because her black hair had a copper hue in the bright sunlight. Sadly, Penny ate something
sharp she dug up in the back yard and died very young. She bled out before the vet could
get her on the table for an X-ray She was the only dog who ever had control over Petey the
cat. She would pin him to the ground in her mouth and wait for me to come take him from
her. Strangely, the cat seemed comforted by this weird arrangement,and would surrender
himself to her without fighting and await my "rescue" or her "release."
Trixie, and the small dog in the background "Maggie, came from
the dog pound. We found out later that about half of the dogs
adopted from the pound don't survive more than a couple of
weeks due to one disease or another. In Maggie's  case it was
distemper. She had it very bad and had to be put down after
only a few weeks. Too bad, she was my first try at a small dog.
And boy she was smart and easily trained for such a young pup.
The case of "kennel cough" they brought with them from the
pound almost finished off old Tater; but she pulled through and
lived to help train more pups! I can't say enough about taking in
a wise old dog to help settle wild young dogs down.

Yeah, too bad about Penny and Maggie, and Tater too
eventually. Tiny Maggie had the makings of a mini-boss-dog!
Animals of years gone by: Reeling
through the years backwards:
Mickey the cat: The longest I've ever had any animal. She lived past 20 years. Kind of a sour attitude
towards everyone except me. I guess she was kind of a one-man-cat. And after 20 years you sure can
get used to having a cat around! The first and last pictures below kind of show the scale difference
between mean little Petey, who is fully clawed, and bad attitude Mickey, who only had back claws and
teeth to defend... Well her extra 10 pounds or so didn't hurt her defenses any though! So when push
came to shove, the same little runt Petey, who can fend off attack by double big dogs, was
subserviant to big Mickey. Attitude counts!
Another old character of the Cat world just moved into our barn for a couple of years before he would do
more than eat on the back porch: First known only as "Barn Cat" finally after many years of age grew on
him and a really bad winter set in, he decided to spend the nights in the house when the weather was at
its worst; This old Siamese/Burmese cat became known as: "Meowma" because it was the main word in
his vocabulary. Eventually in old age he lived about 1/3 of his time indoors; and always slept on the same
towel on the same spot of sofa for several years.
Below: A rare dog: I actually raised B.B. from a puppy! (Almost all of my animals are rescued by adoption;
usually right off of the street.) B.B. and her sister were dumped in front of my brother's house (nearby at
the time)These pups were dumped at a VERY young age. One Saturday morning I went outside and found
her running from house to house yipping in a panic; having forgotten which porch she had been penned
up on. I talked to her for a minute, and that was it; we were instant friends. She came in our home with me
and that was it!  What a ton of fun she was for about the next decade!!!
And finally: Old Shep, A dog of legendary status from his deeds and actions. He appeared to be German
Shepard. The dog knew no fear and acted selflessly. I had him from since my late teens into my late 20's.
The dog all other's are judged by, and it is a high mark that few have come close too. He was far from my
first dog, as I'd had many growing up, but he was by far the most impressive in training and
understanding. He kind of raised me into manhood, a pretty good trick for a dog!