1987 Suzuki LS-650 Savage
Less than 7000 original miles,
and asking only $1200!!!

When I took possession of the bike, neither old man had ridden the bike hard enough to pop the notorious "head
cap/plug" out of place, and it didn't leak nor use a drop of oil the first couple of hundred miles I rode it. I rode it hard,
and caused the head cap/plug to begin leaking. It still leaks moderately, and should be repaired. I've only put a few
hundred miles on the bike since I bought it; because I bought other bikes! That's why it still has the old weather cracked
tires on it!

PRO: Low mileage; ridden easy; probably has a lot of life (wear) left before major problems. Good solid running old bike.
Sportster muffler TIG welded on header, so it absolutely does NOT leak! Carburetor tuned fat to prevent engine damage
from lean burning. Has wiring spliced long so you can add tall handlebars/risers. New battery a couple of months ago; it
cranks strong and starts easy. Front brake master cylinder replaced with late model style with the improved stop light

CON: Needs head cap/plug job eventually. Needs new tires soon. Small dent in gas tank on rear corner where old man
dropped it during cleaning; other scratches on tank paint near seat. Engine "finish" needs cleaning/polishing.

ASKING $1200, but VERY negotiable depending on how "as-is" a buyer is prepared to accept the bike! If I put more
money into it, the price will get more "firm" or even GO UP! I already have WAY more than my asking price into this bike! I
paid a premium for the bike because the low mileage wear factor was obvious. (However, the appearance wear is normal
or worse than average for a 20+ year old motorcycle. No matter how I cut it; I'm gonna lose a bunch of money on this old
The history of this bike as told to me by the previous owner: Bought new by an "older man" (in
his 70s-80s) "To ride with his son who rode a Harley." when he reached 90, he figured it was
time to hang it up, and sold it to the old man I bought the bike from. This man appeared to be in
his 80s at the time I bought the bike from him, and he bought the bike from the original owner
with the same intent: "To ride with his son who rode a Harley." (See more text below pictures.)
The assortment of pictures above shows some of the variations of seats, handlebars and exhaust systems that have
been on the bike while I've had it. The one with the yellow date on it was taken by the previous owner, and that's how it
looked when I brought it home, The Windjammer is just a mock-up and I don't have a bracket to mount it to any bike at
this time. At the present time the bike is set up to look most like the picture at the bottom right, with the original
pull-back bars and either the stock Savage or sportster seat can be easily fitted. The asking price includes the stock
bars and seat. Substitutes can be made for a VERY fair price.
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